Cody Moore Art 
"May a thousand nightmares haunt a thousand children forevermore"
Something I dreamed of having on my tombstone one day.
  1. Pocket the Fool
    Pocket the Fool
    My visual representation of the protagonist from Christopher Moore's novel, "Fool".
  2. Giulietta Masina
    Giulietta Masina
    a portrait of the Italian actress. She had the most curious face I'd seen on a person.
  3. Monkey Bat Puppet Nose
    Monkey Bat Puppet Nose
    an amusing concept about a proboscis monkey using his nose to operate a puppet.
  4. Dance Through the Forest
    Dance Through the Forest
    The vision of watching sifalka lemurs hopping across the ground in a Madagascar forest is almost like watching classic ballet.
  5. Kuckers
    Strange organisms
My name is Cody Moore
Hello ...
I'm an artist of the bay area, with a passion for the macabre, whimsical, bizzare and the unusual. Welcome to my art website, where I show my paintings for you to specially see with your own eyes.
Enjoy them and I hope they may inspire something in you.
Does my art style click with you? how about we collaborate.
I do commissions as a painter, paint stage sets, illustrate books and even model for your latest garment. I will also paint decorations on your windows for either Halloween or Christmas.

I'm an artist of many different mediums, but this is a website dedicated to my paintings and drawings. If you wish to know more of what I do, you could message me on this site or contact me on Facebook.